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The Ground Transportation Division has based their growth on a premise of flexibility and efficiency in service, with a permanent monitoring of the transported merchandise, handled from beginning to end by the same operating staff that has been trained with a high level of preparation and knowledge of the sector.

Our objective is to assess, reach an agreement and develop the best distribution solutions to our customers.

t-terrestre-img   The services that we provide are:

  • Transportation of dry, refrigerated, frozen and ADR goods.
  • Domestic and international Service.
  • Groupage and/or complete cargoes to/from all EU countries and specializedto Russia, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and weekly service of frozen meat and livestock to Algiers.
  • We have a local distribution service in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.
  • We have an extended fleet of vans and vehicles dedicated to urgent services (express service) both domestic and to the entire EU.
  • Special domestic and international transportation.



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