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Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance Ltd

Yesterday, February 15, we received the visit of Mr Jason Wright, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder of Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance Ltd., of which Total Freight Worldwide is a member since 2019. PBLA, is the first Global Logistics Alliance for independent Bulk Liquids Logistics operators. Yesterday we held a working day at our HQ in Barcelona to consolidate our relationship with members, and introduce Roger Jordà, Chemical Bulk Manager of Total Freight. Keep moving!👍

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Air Freight Night 2023

Total Freight Worldwide joins all friends and colleagues in the industry to celebrate The MADCargo Forum's Air Cargo Night 2023 as title sponsors of the air cargo industry's most important event of the year. See you on March 7th ‼️✈️❤️ Keep moving!👍 LinkedIn

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Pharma industry in Madrid

Meeting with the pharma industry in Madrid. We conducted a 360º visit with our clients in Madrid so they can put a face and eyes to the logistics process of their goods. Thanks to Qatar Airways and Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) for supporting this initiative. Keep Moving!👍

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Visiting a Boeing 777

Today we have been with one of our main customers, visiting a Boeing 777 on the tarmac. It is a privilege to be able to show them the interior of one of the most modern aircraft of today, where they often fly their own cargo. Thank you Emirates for your support. Keep Moving!    

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CASS ranking in 2022

Total Freight Worldwide consolidates its position as the leading nationally-owned company in terms of airfreight volume according to CASS ranking in 2022, exceeding 4 million kilos. Keep Moving! 👍  

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General Assembly of Partners 2023

We went to Seville to celebrate the General Assembly of Partners 2023 of ANDALUSIA AEROSPACE Business Cluster. Institutional event, but without leaving aside the closeness of the Andalusian aerospace sector. Thanks once again to Mélanie Durth, Juan Román Gallego and Antonio Gomez-Guillamon for betting on us as protective partners of the cluster and for betting on the transport and logistics of the sector. Our commitment to the industry in such an important year for aerospace is total. Keep Moving! 👍  

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Trade mission to Japan

Total Freight Worldwide's trade mission in Japan is being a success. The landing of our brand in Japan is being done through our experience in the pharma, chemical and perishable industries together with a degree of specialization that allows us to be received by our customers, agents and official organizations to bring them closer to tailor made logistics. Today we have been received by ICEX by Sergio Nespral Sánchez, Executive Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan; and by the Spanish Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Fidel Sendagorra Gómez del Campillo. This afternoon Francisco Garcia Costa, Marc Ferrer Montero [...]

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We attended the last event of the year of the  ANDALUCÍA AEROSPACE Cluster Empresarial at the Air and Space Army's Tablada Air Barracks to say goodbye to 2022 in style. A few days ago the news came out that Seville had been chosen as the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency. Today we have come to ratify our commitment to the Spanish aerospace industry and to commit our best efforts in the field of transport and logistics. We continue to move forward into the future. Congratulations for all the successes achieved this year, colleagues, and especially to  Antonio Gomez-Guillamon, JUAN ROMAN GALLEGO y Mélanie [...]

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Seville as headquarters of the Spanish space agency

Seville chosen as the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency. The Government of Spain chooses the Andalusian capital as the headquarters of the space agency and continues with the promotion of the region in a sector as important as Aerospace. Total Freight Worldwide, through our partners of ANDALUCÍA AEROSPACE Business Cluster, could not be happier and prouder of the choice. Always close to Andalusia and the leadership in the Spanish space race. 

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Total Freight Worldwide is always close to its customers and the best suppliers. We visited with Qatar Airways one of their aircraft, a Boeing B787 Dreamliner, with which they move pharma cargo from Barcelona airport. "If you want to provide excellent service to your customers, you can only count on the best quality standards offered by companies like QR," says Juan Carlos (Charlie) Libreros. We do an immersion with one of our customers to put eyes on the whole process of accepting and loading their goods in the hold. In the end, it's not the same to see it as [...]

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