Total Freight Worldwide, proud sponsor for the second consecutive year, celebrates the positive impact of the 5th Cursa Solidària in El Prat. This emotional event, aimed at raising funds for children with cancer at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, was carefully organized by the Rotary Club d’El Prat, with the indispensable support of the Ajuntament del Prat and several committed local companies. The day was a key moment for solidarity and generosity.

The success of the initiative was evident, as a total of 1,754 people actively participated in the cause. From running and walking to giving their unconditional support, the diversity of ways in which the community came together exceeded all expectations, leaving a significant mark. We are deeply grateful to all attendees and sponsors for contributing to the remarkable sum of €23,640, which will go a long way in supporting the cause.

In the spirit of healthy competition, we would like to congratulate and congratulate the outstanding winners of the race, Alfredo Rodriguez and Paula Batlle. Both led with determination in the men’s and women’s categories in a challenging 5 km race.