Changes in the Maritime Landscape: What’s Happening?

We are currently facing a complex and constantly changing scenario. As a result of the tensions in the Red Sea, several shipping lines have decided to modify their routes. Most have chosen to avoid, for the time being, the Suez Canal as a route between Asia and Europe. However, some companies will continue to use this route on specific routes, with military escorts to ensure security.

What Does This Mean for Pricing?

In terms of rates, shipping lines have indicated the possibility of significant increases. Although there is no clear definition of the full impact on prices yet, we have already received announcements of increases from January 1 on imports from Far East Asia (FEA). In addition, we do not rule out possible increases in freight costs currently in transit on both imports and exports.

Our Response and Solutions for You

In the face of these logistical challenges, Total Freight Worldwide is committed to offering you efficient and flexible alternatives. We remind our customers that we maintain preferential agreements with major airlines in Spain and Portugal, and we are ready to provide various options in case of sea delays:

Export/Import Air Shipments
Combinations of Air and Ocean Shipments
Multimodal Services
Customs and Transit Management
Free Foreign Trade Advice
Customized Contingency Plans for Complex Logistical Situations

Air Freight Leadership: Your Advantage with Total Freight Worldwide

As the leader in airfreight volume in Spain, we guarantee space with airlines operating on the main global routes (Far East, Middle East, USA, Latam & South America). This position allows us to offer robust and reliable solutions in these uncertain times.

We’re Here to Help If you have any specific needs or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to work with you to find the best possible solution to any logistical challenge.

Yours sincerely,

The Total Freight Worldwide Team