Recently, our Bulk department had the privilege of visiting one of our valued suppliers, Progeco España, S.A. During this visit, organized by our dedicated Bulk Division Manager, Roger, and in the company of Operations Director, Mr. Viliam Koudelka, we delved into the exciting world of bulk logistics, where we discovered:

– Receiving and checking: Each tank undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure its safety and quality before it is taken into custody at your facility

– Exploring tank parts: We dove into the inner workings of the tanks, from valves to connections, gaining a thorough understanding of each component and its importance in the logistics process.

– Washing methods and procedures: Their meticulous procedures include pre-washing, high-pressure washing and thorough rinsing stages, ensuring a thorough and contaminant-free cleanliness

– Waste management: Progeco’s highly trained team carefully separates and sorts waste, ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations and standards.

– Tank storage and repair: We observed firsthand how our supplier strategically organizes and stores tanks in their warehouse. In addition, we were amazed to see how they implement innovative methods, such as the application of protective coatings, reconditioning techniques and the use of state-of-the-art technology, to ensure quality repairs that extend the useful life of the tanks.

We thank Tomás Pellise, Progeco Director – Barcelona; Viliam Koudelka, Operations Director and Robbert Deleeuw, Washing Section Manager, for their warm hospitality and for sharing their in-depth knowledge with our team.

At Total Freight Worldwide, we are proud to collaborate with reliable suppliers and industry experts to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates shared by the Total Freight Worldwide team – together, we are building a strong and successful logistics future!