Total Freight Worldwide had the privilege of attending, for the first time, the General Assembly of Andalucía Aerospace, as a full partner. Held at the Spanish Space Agency in Seville, this event was an essential forum that offered a broad and in-depth view of the aerospace industry and its future prospects.

The welcome was given by the representative of the Spanish Space Agency, who gave an updated overview of the aerospace industry, focusing his speech on the Strategic Project for Aerospace Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE). This large-scale initiative aims to make the Spanish aerospace industry a benchmark in terms of innovation and transformation of the sector.

Afterwards, Andalucía Aerospace presented its new video, which showed the momentum and future plans of this key organization in the aerospace industry.

The highlight of the day was the conference given by María Prieto, from Airbus Defense & Space. Her presentation focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the aerospace industry, from the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies to the production of biofuels for aviation and the hydrogen aircraft. In this perspective, the ambitious path that Airbus is charting towards a sustainable and promising future was highlighted.

The event was a space for the exchange of ideas and a vision for the future of the aerospace industry. A future in which Total Freight Worldwide is proud to participate and contribute.